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How to Start a Text With a Girl – Eliminate the Creep Factor

If you find yourself sitting in your room more often than not, just staring at your mobile phone and thinking about texting the hot girl who gave you her phone number a few nights ago, then you need to learn how to start a text with a girl as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy for guys to mess up while learning how to start a text with a girl, leading them to say things that girls might interpret the wrong way through text. The good news is that texting isn’t rocket science, so all you…

How to Text A Girl You Haven’t Texted Before – The First Move

Do you want to learn how to text a girl? If so, then you might be wondering what your introduction should sound like, what else your text should say, how long your text can be, and other random things. Don’t worry, though. Once you start typing with your thumbs, you should start getting into the groove and have an easier time learning how to text a girl, in general. The following tips should help, too:

How to Text Flirt With a Girl and Make Her Fall for You

If you decide to begin learning how to text flirt with a girl by marathon texting her, then you should know right out that you are ruining things for yourself right away. You have to be unpredictable and mysterious while learning how to text flirt with a girl – remember that. Marathon texting won’t do anything but make you look boring and annoying, so try having a real conversation through text for a change.

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What to Text to a Girl and What Not to Text – Major Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

While learning about what to text to a girl, there are some major pitfalls that you will need to remember on what not to text. The majority of guys actually ruin their chances of reeling a girl in by committing one of the following mistakes. Don’t become one of those guys.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Getting rejected by a woman is probably the biggest thing most guys fear when trying to approach. It’s the main cause for approach anxiety. For some, the fear of rejection can become so strong and terrifying, that they will think of any excuse possible just to avoid taking action and going to interact with the girl they like.

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