What YOU Should do When She Doesn’t Respond


Why You Shouldn’t Spend More Than A Few Bucks On The First Date

Who should pay and where you should go on a first date is a hot topic. In this article, we’ll make it easy.

4 Natural Methods That Will Attract the Girl That You Like

Believe it or not, it is completely possible to attract the girl that you like the natural way. In other words, you won’t have to construct devious methods or go through complicated rituals just to get positive results. Here are 4 natural methods that can attract the girl that you like – and you won’t even have to say a single word while you’re at it.

The 3 Stages of Texting a Girl – A Guide for PUA’s and Normal Guys Too

If you want to make a powerful impression with your texts, and not worry any more about why a girl isn’t replying. Make sure you follow these 3 essential steps to texting her – developed over years of practice and thousands of texts! It all begins with stage 1…

Dating Tips and Skills

Unfortunately, not everyone can be masters at dating and finding the perfect one. Some of us do in fact need a little jump start and a few hints to tell us when we are going in the right direction.

What to Text to Get Women to Long For You

Did you know that you can actually make women long for you just by texting? Technology has really been making way for a lot of things to be possible – getting a girl to go crazy over you included. If you haven’t had any luck talking to women in person, you may want to start out with texting first. If you can follow these 3 texting tips perfectly, then you are sure to win any woman over just by texting them.

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