Why You Shouldn’t Hate Your Ex


You Too Can Learn How to Flirt With Women

Flirting with women is all about understanding their language and how they think. It’s not difficult if you look at it as the game that it is. Women will test you and they will challenge you, but most importantly women love to be challenged. In How to Flirt with Women you will learn tips that you can start applying right away to light a fire under your dating life.

There Are No Secrets on How to Get a Girlfriend

There really are no secrets on how to get a girlfriend. All you need is a few strategies. Not a how to, but a how to look at yourself and what you’re doing. Understanding women and respecting women. Learn to handle rejection with aplomb. Understand how social value raises your over all value in a woman’s eyes. This article has several tips for your self improvement so you can get the girlfriend of your choice.

Simple Straight Forward Dating Tips for Men

In this short article you will get three simple and straight forward dating tips. Yes there is some work involved but if you apply these tips you will see your dating life improve.

Text Messages and Dating – What Are the Rules?

We all know the various rules surrounding phone calls after the first date or after exchanging numbers. But in this day of rapid and brief communication, how does text message factor into those old school rules? Is it a bad idea to text him before he texts you?

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Is It Love or Obsession? 5 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your Boyfriend

Most people do not realize is that they are crossing the fine line between being a loving boyfriend/girlfriend and becoming an obsessed individual. Here are some of the signs that you are obsessed with your boyfriend.

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