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Identifying Red Flags: Avoiding Dysfunctional Relationships

Identifying red flags in potentially dysfunctional relationships will save you from heartache in the long-run. In addition to identifying red flags, it is also important to know your worth and embrace self-love to avoid the abyss of dysfunctional relationships.

5 First Date Tips For Men

Revert back to old-fashioned manners and grace, and stand out from the crowd by being a modern gentleman. Manage those little details that she is used to taking care of herself just to show her that you will be good to have around for the long haul.

Being a Sugar Daddy Is More Than What Happened In The Bedroom

Every guy out there wants to feel and look younger than he is. You’re no different and now you can achieve both of them. Have you heard about sugar daddy dating? It’s where wealthy older guys like yourself hook up with younger ladies. These ladies are looking for a sugar daddy to help them in the financial department. What you get for your cold hard cash is a young beautiful lady that will put a spring in your step.

5 Reasons Why You Are Only A Hookup And Not A Girlfriend

It is hard to stop being a simple hook up and become his girlfriend. Most of the time, you need to do that with a whole new man.

Ladies, Here Is How To Attract Him And Keep Him

If you are a lady, I’m pretty sure you want to date a Mr right and keep him beyond marriage. Every lady wants that but sometimes that is not what you get. You may have not done anything grossly wrong but you lost your recent date who had even promised you an engagement ring before Christmas. Being a lady, I know how it feels to lose a good date. It is embarrassing and you always feel that there is something wrong with you. It may not be so; you may be doing it all wrong out of ignorance. I do not want this to continue happening to you; here is how to catch him and keep him for as long as you want. Do this to attract and keep him by your side:

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