How to Know if a Girl Likes You


Why Are American Singles Using Online Sites to Find Dates Rather Than Bars?

A recent study has shown that there are currently more than 50 million single people in the United States. Of these 50 million, 40 million use online dating sites to find their perfect match. In the process, though, they spend, on average, $239 per year for these services. Why do this when finding a date in a bar is free? What is it about online dating that attracts more than 90 percent of the singles in America today? Many answers for this question exist, and if you are among the singles who are still stuck in the bar scene, these answers may just sway you to give online dating a try.

How To Attract Women If You Are Ugly – Its Easier Than You Think

If you think you are ugly and can’t seem to attract women then there is hope for you yet. You see real attraction with women often has nothing to do with looks, money or fame. Women don’t think like men do.

5 Fun Ideas For Single Guys to Meet Girls

Most guys, when they think of meeting girls, think of bars, cafes, shopping centers etc. Even though these options are of course often gold mines for meeting girls, there are other places too that often get overlooked. The following provides some ideas for guys to meet girls that you should add to your list of potential dating ideas.

3 Ways to Tell If Your Guy Wants a Relationship

So, you’ve been seeing a guy and you’re almost if not already head over heels for him. You already know he likes you, but how far does that go? Is it something casual or does he want a serious relationship with you? Don’t feel like you’re the only one who’s ever wondered what kind of relationship he wants because you’re not. Read on for 3 ways to know if he’s serious about you.

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No Reply – What You Should Do If He Doesn’t Text You

So here’s the scenario: You sent a guy a text message, maybe even several of them, but he hasn’t responded to any of them. What should you do? Should you wait until he does or keep trying? Some people just don’t reply to texts while others, if they don’t text back, means they don’t want to talk to you. How should you play it? Keep reading to find out 3 tips you should apply if he doesn’t reply.

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