Why You Must Improve Dating Skills


Over 40 Dating With Children

I know some of you are probably thinking, “Who doesn’t have kids?” And you are right, just about everyone does. The question I am purposing is, when your children are grown up, would you want to date someone with small children? Once you’ve become an empty-nester, are you ready to fill it back up?

Interracial Dating: Debunking The Stereotypes

Society still tends to associate negative stereotypes with the concept of interracial dating. This article is a frank and candid discussion about some of those stereotypes and why they should be debunked.

Texting Girls – Interpreting the Hidden Meaning in What Girls Text You Back

What do girls really mean when they text you back? Are you sometimes unsure of what they are really meaning when they text you? Would you like to have more success at getting dates via text message? This article will help you out with that by shedding some light on the hidden meaning behind the words girls use when text messaging.

Dating Tips for the Timid – Overcome Dating Fears

If you like most experience anxiety and nervousness when considering a date, have no fear. In our brief discussion we will offer some positive suggestions that will make you feel calm, focused, and ready to enjoy your dating experience.

What If A Girl Doesnt Text Back: The Shocking Truth About Texting Girls

You feel a bit empty inside, you got a number of a girl you’re interested in, sent her a text and now the girl doesn’t text back. She seemed to have went cold turkey on you. You are running through you’re head of all the reason’s she doesn’t text you back.

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