Making Excuses is a Terrible Habit


Texting Girls – Top Mistakes Men Make

Guys, whether you like it or not, texting can be a crucial piece of the puzzle when meeting women. Many men screw this up and loose opportunities and dates with women they meet. Don’t be one of those guys. See if you are making these texting mistakes and try to eradicate them.

Top 6 Physical Signs That She Likes You

These are for men who find it hard to pick up physical hints. To make things easier, here are the Top 6 signs physical signs that might indicate that she’s interested.

The Key To Finding The Partner Of Your Dreams

Step 1: What Do You Want In Your Ideal Partner? It is the most important question you and every other reader should be asking. If you don’t know what you want you are not going to get it, it’s that simple. Being with the wrong partner is the number one reason why, relationships fail.

Pre-Dating: 5 Great First Dates to Go On

Here are some great dating ideas you can use when initially meeting. Learn the value of the pre-date before you commit to longer timeframes!

What Is Shyness and Why Are Some Men Shy Around Women?

Learn the secrets to overcoming shyness when talking to women. If you are shy, explore the reasons why and how to overcome it.

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