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Baggage – Backpack, Overnighter, Suitcase, or Steamer Trunk?

And so as you enter that new relationship, as you discuss the past, the present, and the potential future, weigh all sides, surfaces, aspects, and segments. Do the issues fill a backpack, an overnighter, a suitcase, or a steamer trunk? Are the problems fixable, reparable, doable, or just impossible misery? The first three bring hope. But if it is a steamer of disaster, it’s time to turn and run.

How to Forget Your Ex After a Painful Breakup – Get Over Him Or Her

When a relation breaks, everything else seems falling apart. Your entire life stops at a point and it looks like nothing is positive. But give yourself a break! Breaking of relationship is not a big deal. What more important is how to forget your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or your ex-wife or ex-husband to move on for a better life.

Beauty and the Beast In Women – Subtle Signs of A Ferocious Female

Men frequently mirror the same aggressive traits as their canine best friends, females mimic the felines. If you were imagining that violence is limited to men, you haven’t met the enraged, biting, clawing devil she cat that violent women are capable of transforming into. Scouting for the perfect gal? You are well advised to learn the subtle signs that will help you avoid ‘catching’ a woman who thinks cat scratch fever is love play.

How To Dress For A Date Nicely – Basic Tips For Men

There are many ways to dress to impress on the first date and neither one of them involves skimpy outfits. If you are going to have a date with your dream girl, then you should keep these tips on how to dress for a date from fashion pros in mind to make a fantastic first impression.

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Valentines Day: Friend or Faux?!

If you’re happily coupled, you’re already planning your romantic day. If you’re either happily single you’re likely shopping online or booking a girls trip to Vegas. If you are bitterly scorned, or unattractively cynical, you’re likely planning a revenge plot. Either way, who doesn’t love some ideas!

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