The Reason Women Don’t Respect You in 2022


How to Attract Women – Tips to Approaching Women

I’m going to share a great technique you can use to approach women in the day time; it could be on the street, coffee shop or where ever. When approaching a woman you have to remember to always be in a positive mood and mind state. You want to be in a good mood before going up and talking to her. This way once you walk up to her and say hi, she will feel that you are a positive person.

How To Catch The One That Got Away

Are you focusing on women in general, or a woman in particular. Both require completely different kinds of game.

Is the Dating Game Worth It? Is Anyone Winning?

Does anyone stay together anymore? A 51% divorce rate is just the norm these days, yet many are eager to jump into the next relationship at the drop of a hat. After one date we are changing our Facebook status and planning out our futures. Lifelong commitment nor serial monogamy seem to be working. We have a fear of commitment but fearlessly jump into every relationship without thinking clearly. Relationships, like jobs have changed tremendously in the past 50 years. It used to be that you find a good company and retire there. Today, jobs change every few years and relationships change even faster. Is there a winner here?

Make Your Life A Masterpiece And Girls Will Beg To Join You

The easiest way to get girls is to get them to want you. Focus on creating a masterpiece of your life, and girls will follow.

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Are You A Big Dog Or A Little Dog?

Big dogs get the girls. Little dogs get to watch TV on the weekends.

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