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8 Viewpoints That Harm Relationships

There are certain beliefs on relationships and love that people can carry around their whole lives, not knowing they are actually damaging the relationships they get into. Expecting things that aren’t realistic about relationship can be too much of a burden for anyone to live up to. Here are some viewpoints about relationships that can be harmful.

Casual Sex Relationships: What to Do When They Get Out of Hand

Are you in a casual sex relationship with a friend and concerned that your feelings for him are getting too serious? Are you worried that you are falling harder and harder for this guy who may not be interested in you romantically at all? Do you find yourself thinking about him all the time and having to stop yourself from calling or texting him just so that you don’t seem desperate?

How to (Not) Chase Away a Man on the First Date

May women have been on a first or second date that they thought went really, really well, only to be disappointed that he never called again. He seemed interested in you, even proposed a follow up date, but then he never made a move — and you have no idea why. There are certain things that will trigger a man to stay away from you, whether he consciously recognizes it or not.

Four First Date Rules

As women, we tend to be proud and strong. We are feminists, we are mothers, we are students, we are teachers. That said, we still tend to expect a man to act like a gentleman on a date.

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Mending a Broken Heart and Moving On

Were you recently crushed by a bad break up or experience heartbreak because of a man you really cared about? Do you find yourself obsessing over your ex-boyfriend or lover? Are you at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to stop thinking about him, stop missing him or worse — stop trying to get back together with him?

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