This Is Why 3.97 Billion Men Can’t Get A Girlfriend


I Am 20 And An Undergraduate, Can I Date This Great Lady That I Really Like In My Department?

The aversion we have with the word relationship stems from our mixed up minds where once a man and a woman is in a relationship, the only thing in their heads and in the heads of onlookers is sex. Sex does not make marriages. Sex is not even distant relation of love. If sex has anything to do with love, no child or woman would be raped and nobody would impregnate mad women on our streets.

The Bounty Of Non Verbal Seduction

When it comes to massive attraction, words aren’t so important. Often times, they are optional.

Generate Massive Attraction By Easily Passing All Her Tests

Most guys are terrified of her tests. By they are the golden ticket into her panties.

What They Don’t Mention About Social Proof

How to generate massive social proof from the inside. And get girls falling in love with you wherever you go.

The Secret Of Understanding Women To Get Exactly What You Want

Is it even possible? Easier than you think!

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