How to Get Out of The Friendzone (Full Guide)


Dating Etiquette for Men in the 21st Century

Dating and relationship rules change over the years. Learn the modern dating etiquette tips for men to survive the 21st century.

Does Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating is one of those things where it’s almost surprising that it didn’t come along sooner. Find out whether speed dating can work, and whether it can work for you.

Finding A Filipino Woman For Marriage

Many men have great dreams and desires when it comes to selecting their future wife. You want your girl to be sexy, hot, charming, fun loving, truthful, understanding, and caring. The list might go on and on.

Survive the First Date: Top Dating Tips for Men

“What did I do wrong?” is perhaps what you ask yourself when your date suddenly stops replying to your messages or becomes too busy to pick up the phone. This is a common scenario, particularly if you are in the early stages of dating and it is only some days after the crucial first date.

Anxiety and Dating: Top 3 Dating Tips for Anxious Women

It is true: women are more anxious about dating than men. Ask a woman out, and chances are she will be spending the next hours thinking of what to wear on that date, complete with the shoes and accessories. She might even do a little research on top dating tips for women.

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