Why You Shouldn’t Overhype Yourself


How To Use Cold Reading To Supercharge Her Attraction And Interest

If you’ve read “The Game,” you know that shortly after they started teaching students and they descended on Hollywood Hills, girls started wising up. But some of these openers, while cheesy, can still work.

Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

We all face hurdles in a relationship, but are you in a dead end or just need to do some work on your love life? Maybe you’re dating someone new and worried things just don’t seem right. We outline a few of the signs that might indicate he’s just not that into you to help you get the most out of your relationship. Bear in mind though, these pointers are not ammunition to throw at your guy while he’s watching the ball game, its an indication something may be amiss not a reason to start an argument.

What Exactly Is “Chick Logic” Anyway?

Most guys have heard of chick logic, and it pretty much means “no logic” to a lot of guys. What’s the real story behind this, and how do you handle it?

How Much Technology Should You Use In Your Opener For Maximum Seduction Success?

Most books on how to pick up girls have a section on “pick up lines,” or openers. They range from the humorous to the downright creepy. In this article, you’ll know when to use what.

How To Fill Your Funnel And Fill Your Bed With Hot Girls Eager To Please

Most guys go to only a few places to meet girls. Clubs, bars, parties. In this article, you’ll learn why you’re leaving a lot of you know what on the table.

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