Why Eye Contact is so Important


5 Best Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Poor little Charlie Brown always admired the little red-haired girl from afar because he was too shy, and lacked the confidence, to ask her out on a date. Are you Charlie Brown? Do you have someone special you would like to ask out on a date but are too afraid to?

5 Top Tips on How to Attract Married Women

This topic may seem taboo to many, but let’s face it- it goes on everyday behind the backs of thousands of spouses. Does it make it right? The answer is: absolutely not.

How to Approach Girls – 5 Top Tips

You go out one night and you see a girl you really, really want to talk to. The problem you have is you don’t know the best way to approach her and get a conversation going. Some girls can seem intimidating, especially if they are extremely hot, or are surrounded by a group of friends.

Improve Your Dating Life Now!

Dating science can be overwhelming. Check out these quick tips that will instantly improve your dating life within days and even minutes!

The Best Tips On How to Get the Second Date

You’ve found someone you’re really interested in. The first date has been fantastic, and you definitely want to see him or her again. How do you go about asking for the second date? There’s no one right way but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. Getting a second date shouldn’t be too hard if you haven’t botched the first one. As long as you are engaging and fun, and have not misjudged the chemistry between you, you should be good to go.

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