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Avoid Boring Conversation With Women

There are three major factors that contribute to boring conversations with women. Solve these, and you will be well on your way to powerful interactions and building chemistry.

What Type Of Man to Avoid

One could probably write an entire book on the topic: “What type of man to avoid.” To this list you can add alcoholics, drug addicts, mama’s boys, gigolos, and irresponsible men, who will leave before you get a chance to know them. Of course, these types can be seen almost immediately: if a man does not know how to have fun without alcohol, doesn’t leave good tips in a restaurant on the first date, or asks you to “join” him for a drink at his house.

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Singleness

If you are single, it is a blessing! Learn how to live it up as a party of one!

The Powerfully Attractive And Seductive Mindset Of The Qualifying Man

Most guys give up all their power when they see an attractive woman. But with just a few changes in your thinking, you can easily flip the switch and become the object of her desire.

How To Tell When She’s Ready To Kiss You

Knowing when to go for the kiss can be awkward, especially if you make a mistake. However, if you know what to look for, it’s as easy as smiling.

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