5 Masculine Lessons Your Father Never Gave You


How To Be The Woman Men Want

Do you want to be the woman men want? The 4 characteristics of the woman men want.

Will I Ever Find A Guy?

Are you frustrated by your guy finding efforts? The 4 must-do’s to help you find a guy.

How To Ask A Girl Out

Asking a girl out on a date can be something that comes really naturally, something that is difficult or something that depends on the girl. Anyone can ask a girl out on a date. They can blurt it out in passing or write it in a note, if they cannot do it naturally, neither of which are recommended.

Tips To Make The First Sleepover Comfortable And Memorable

Has the person you’re currently dating asked you to stay the night for the first time? Maybe they’ve implied it and you’re still trying to figure out if they meant come over as friends or come over and rock my world between the sheets. Whatever’s going on, the following tips will help make this night extra special and totally memorable for both of you. So hold on tight, relax and get ready for an exciting night that you both won’t soon forget.

Choose Your Partner Well – Buy Them A Watch And An Old Car If You Really Want To Know Them

Relationships are tough. Let’s admit it. So any help along the way is much appreciated by all of us I’m sure. Read my top tips on how to know if you’ve picked a bad one, saving you lots of heartache and future pain.

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