Why Successful Men SUCK at Dating


Reasons To Date A Cougar

Do you need any reassurance that Cougar dating is the in thing? Here’s the top 5 reasons that a younger man will find a great relationship with an older woman.

How to Get a Man Interested – And Keep Him There

Attracting men isn’t as difficult as you think. Use this guide to help meet great guys!

He Asked You for More Space – Is the Relationship Over?

What do you do when he asks you for more space? Does it mean your relationship is on its way out? Not necessarily!

Dressing Up Your First Impression

Does how you dress affect how men perceive you? Absolutely! Learn how to make him notice you without being sleazy.

How to Flirt With Russian Women

Tens of thousands of UK men are flocking to flirt with Russian women online right now.   As of last year, some 80,333 UK men were actively on international dating websites looking for an Eastern European woman of their dreams.   But if you are new to the international dating scene, you are probably not aware of the difference in flirting with women from your own country, and flirting with a woman from Russia.

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