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Dating After 40

So you’re over 40 and back on the dating scene. Chances are you’re not jumping for joy at the prospect of ‘putting yourself out there’ and going on those dreaded blind-dates. How are you supposed to meet someone when…

Over 60 Dating Profile

To get the online dating ball rolling you must create a great profile in order to achieve the maximum results when meeting your over 60 mate. First impressions are everything and it’s no different in the world of internet dating! Follow these simple steps to make the most out of your online profile…

How to Get Into The Right Mindset Before You Head Out On Your Date

For many people, the difference between a good date and a bad one is decided long before you even leave home. If you are in the wrong state of mind, you will have a much more difficult time connecting with another person and making a wise decision about whether this is someone that you would want to see again.

Original Married Couple Date Ideas

If none of these marriage date ideas sound compelling, you can think up your own unique ways to keep your relationship fun. Consider things you both enjoy and plan outings around them. You might catch a professional baseball game, enjoy canoeing on the river or simply invest in some bikes for healthy fun.

Finding Love With Over 50 Dating

  Whether newly on the market, long-term single, divorced or widowed; dating over 50 can be overwhelming. It feels like the number of fish in the sea are dwindling and you’re never going to meet a decent catch, right? Wrong.

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