This is Why You Shouldn’t Date Dumb Girls


Keep Your Monster in Your Pants, Because It Doesn’t Seduce Women

I have seen many men who exaggerate their masculinity on a constant basis, and consequently, appear as an ass-hole of an advanced level. I agree machismo leave a woman breathless and create hard attraction, but it’s not an “All-Time” thing. And, it’s clearly not that thing which most men think it is.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text – Top 10 Tips You Must Know

Well, it seems that your mind is stuck on a particular girl. She’s always on your mind. It’s obvious that you like her and you want to arouse her through texts, but don’t quite have the idea on how. Through this post I can offer you some simple but effective advices on how to press a girl’s buttons via text messages.

The BEST Place To Practice Game For Consistent Success

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. But it’s GOT to be practice, NOT the real thing.

How To Hook Her With Her Own Fantasies

Stop beating around the bush. Go straight for the good stuff.

The Sex Therapist Seduction Pattern

This is a fantastic pattern to use on a girl you’ve a reasonable amount of rapport with. Just be careful, because it’s very powerful.

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