3 AWFUL Habits That Make You Look Low Status to Women


5 People You Should Never Consider Dating

When you put yourself out into the dating world, you suddenly have the opportunity to meet and mesh with all types of different people. That is a very good thing and it is one of the most fun things about dating. If you want to have a successful dating life, however, you will want to refrain from dating the following six people. Unless you like drama in your life, it is best to just stay away.

Four Types Of Dates And How To Recognize Them

When you go out with someone on a date, you’re obviously hoping for the best. You’re hoping that you and the other person will mesh and, hopefully, the date will flourish into a long-lasting and incredibly rewarding relationship. Of course it doesn’t always work out that way. To save you from wasting your time and to keep from wasting the other person’s time, here are the four types of dates and how to recognize them.

How to Get Back With Your Ex In 5 Steps

Want to know how to get back with your ex in 5 steps? Here’s the answer.

Dating Advice for Women Over 50 – The 10 Types of Men You’ll Meet Online As a Dating Baby Boomer

Going online can feel scary since you aren’t quite sure what types of men you might find there. Here’s a guide of 10 of the most common types of men you’ll see online along with tips for dealing with each one.

How To Get Women

When a young man wants to learn how to get women, he looks for role models. He looks at more experienced men who know how to get women.

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