You’re Using Dating Apps Wrong, Here’s Why


How to Get a Man to Adore You

You meet a guy and sparks fly immediately. You think about him all the time and there’s no denying that you are attracted to him. The only problem is you don’t know if the guy feels the same way. Learning how to mesmerize a man is not rocket science, there are tons of information out there to sweep the man of your dreams off his feet.

Who Are You? And Why You Should Google Your Date

“You’re not the person I thought you were”, “I can’t believe you think that!” or “I don’t care if it was Spring break, it’s all over the internet!” Do any of these sound familiar? Well, hopefully not. And there are ways to keep them from ever coming up, here’s how.

How to Get a Girl Back to Your Place (Without Begging)

Ahh, the bachelor pad. A place where a man can eat wings, down beers and watch cage fights without question. A place free from doilies and “Desperate Housewives.”

Would You Like to Meet the Man of Your Dreams?

It takes more than a sexy dress, a trim body and some carefully selected words of flattery to hook the man of your dreams. After all, if it were that easy there would be no need for copius amounts of discussion on the topic. Everyone would be with their dream partners and the dating site would never have been invented! Plenty of people meet daily in bars, online, at work or through playing sport thinking they have met the “one”, only to be disappointed a few dates down the track when they realise it is just not working. So where should you start if you’re going to give yourself the best chance of meeting the man of your dreams? Easy, lets try starting with you!

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Dating Advice for Dating a Widow

Yes. This is possible. There are a lot of widows out there who might not be looking for love, but are currently being wooed, or widows who themselves want to start dating again.

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