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Power-Packed First Date Questions

On your next date avoid the obvious, yet generic, questions that everyone uses- such as what do you do, and where are you from. Instead try our list power-packed ice-breaking questions that are sure to kick-start any conversation.

Supercharge Your Relationship – 10 Creative First Date Ideas

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially on a first date. So make that impression memorable and as positive as possible. Sweep them off their feet with an amazing first date that’s sure to keep you out of the friend-zone. If you’re short of great ideas, don’t sweat it. Just try our power-packed list of 10 amazing first date ideas.

Teflon, Egos, and Pounds

Ladies, have you been the bold one to ask a guy out on a date? Or asked for their number? Did they look at you weird or looked very nervous? I say this because some men are actually turned off when the female takes the initiative to approach them.

How To Be Irresistible To Men – Acquire Traits That Men Love About Women

Knowing how to be irresistible to men requires knowing what qualities you need to acquire so you can catch their attention effectively. Men are attracted to women who are sexy and quite feminine without adding too much complicated things in their personalities.

A Customized Figurine As a Valentine’s Day Gift

You may want to consider the idea of using figurines as a gift on Valentine’s Day. A Valentine’s figurine present is quite original and certainly worth giving some thought to.


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