Why You Should Focus on Dating in Your 20’s


Skill Building Exercises To Turn You Into An Unstoppable Seduction Powerhouse

There is no set of skills more useful than walking up to the most gorgeous woman in the room and having her melt like butter. When you can do this, there’s nothing that will stand in your way.

The Overall Structure Of A Successful Seduction

Most guys are clueless when it comes to knowing what to do, and when. Having a basic outline can help, and that’s exactly what you’ll have after reading this article.

Beware Of Selection Distortion When Ascertaining Your Level Of Game

The biggest challenge to improving your game is having an honest snapshot of your skills. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to this is hanging out with other guys and discussing game.

Don’t Morph From A Cool Guy To A Nice Guy

Many guys start off like gangbusters, but then the girl suddenly loses interest. If this happens regularly, you might develop the idea that all girls are “flakes.” In this article, well not only put that myth to rest, but you’ll learn what to do about it.

Top 5 Advices for Dating Sugar Momma

Are men really interested in dating older women these days? The present scenario of high profile relationships where older women are often seen in the company of men that are young has led to it becoming more socially acceptable.

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