Why YOU Keep Getting Friendzoned


Simple Easy Reverse Psychology To Get Your Ex Back

If you have recently lost your ex and are deeply missing him or her, I want to give you a few important tips that can help you turn the situation around; bring him or her back to you with open arms. Now this not a push button relationship reset, those things only exist in the movies, but bear with me for a minute here.

Does “Love at First Sight” Exist?

“Love at first sight” is often regarded as a lofty idea, the stuff of fairy tales. There is some truth to the concept, though. It may not be exactly what you think it is — true love at first sight is probably not possible, but there is a basis to the idea that may surprise you.

I Am a Clingy Girlfriend – How Do I Fix It?

Are you worried that you might be driving your boyfriend or significant other away by being too needy? Do you find yourself worrying when he doesn’t answer your phone call on the first few rings or respond to a message immediately? Are you concerned that you might be doing irreparable damage to your relationship because you can’t control your clinginess?

How to Talk to Women in Their Language

A few tips on how to talk to women. How women communicate and ways to improve your communication skills so that you will never stumble and stutter when trying to talk to a woman ever again. You don’t need to be intimidated by women once you learn their ‘language’.

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Thirty and Flirty

The true definition of confidence is: having or showing assurance and self-reliance. How many of us have self-assurance and how long did it take to get it, and was it a struggle to get to that point? Did you have confidence at birth, did confidence come overnight?

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