Why Violence Makes Men Attractive


Cultivate The Alpha Frame For Massive And Easy Seduction

With the right frame, you’ll be able to easily seduce her. No matter what you talk about.

The Seduction Pacing Frame Pattern For Massive Attraction

One simple inner shift will generate massive attraction. Keep reading.

The Bisexual Dating Dilemma

Sexual orientation is something that one does not have a choice about and even in this modern world most of us progressive humans have some difficulty in believing that. Even till not so long ago, being gay or homosexual was considered straight out bad. While that perception has somewhat changed today, and there is more acceptanceof gay and lesbians, there is another section of the society that still is a victim of marginalization. We are talking about the bisexual community here.

How To Pre-Frame Her Objections And Get Her Begging For You

If you know her objections, you can use them in your favor. Here’s how.

How To Make Her Irresistibly Attracted To You

There’s a few basics of internal game that are all you need. Get these, and you’ll never have girl problems again.

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