Why Most Guys are Bad at Texting


Sex = Relationship? The Change in The Times

So, you’ve been dating a guy and having sex with him, wondering if things are going to take a more serious, committed turn. Perhaps you haven’t slept with him yet and wondering if you should, possibly afraid that if you do, he’ll just take that and forget about making you his steady girlfriend. What’s he really thinking about all this? What’s a girl to do? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.

Turning Men On – It’s All the Same, Really

You’re going out on the town, looking for a guy to date. You want to impress the guys, turn them on, and make them want you. The question that you’re mostly asking yourself as you prepare is: How do I do it? How do I get men to notice me, be attracted to me, and make them crazy about me so I get their attention? Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about how to do it.

What Attracts Western Men To Asian Girls?

Asian women are no doubt one of the most attractive females in the world, and it is interesting to see that the number of western men and Asian women couples are increasing rapidly. We have heard that opposites attract and in this case the theory seems to apply.

What Western Men Should Know About Asian Women?

Interested in dating Asian women? This is not surprising, because many western men are fast realizing the potential of the women from the Asian countries and this has led to a growing trend of dating Asian women.

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The Importance of Personal Grooming for Men

Any man who wants to attract women cannot underestimate the importance of personal grooming. Learn how you can improve your appearance through impeccable personal grooming.

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