Follow this ONE Rule to Date 9s and 10s


Traditional Dating Vs. Online Dating

The Internet drastically changed the way people connect, regale and even date. Traditionally, when someone look or wanted to date, she/he would have to actually meet a person and set up a date from there. But, in our modern internet world, anyone can get in touch with various matches quickly, and easily reject unlikely candidate’s right from the comfort of their homes.

Are You Worried He’s Not Into You Anymore?

Are you wondering if your relationship is nearing an end because things seem to have slowed down? Does it feel like your guy isn’t as attentive as he used to be and that he might be looking for an out? There are ways to be sure of whether or not your relationship is ending or just going through a rough patch.

How to Get Him Interested

Do you have your eye on a certain someone who doesn’t even know you’re interested? Are you searching for a way to make him like you the way you like him? Are you wondering if there’s some secret to capturing a guy’s attention and affection?

Where Did He Go? Reasons Men Run Away

Are you starting to feel like every relationship you have ends with the guy disappearing on you? Are you starting to wonder what exactly you are doing so wrong that no guy can even have the decency to break up with you? You may be heartbroken, but the truth is that there is usually something wrong with your behavior that is causing guys to turn tail and run every time you get into a relationship.

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Create Your Own Future Filled With Passion And Romance

If you want to create your future with a girl, it’s easy. Here’s how.

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