Why Girls Like Bad Boys & Hate Nice Guys


What Are You Trying To Say?

Have you tried an online dating site? What does your profile picture say about you?

Amour: Lessons From the 2013 Best Foreign Film

Although “Amour,” winner of the best 2013 foreign film, was heartbreaking, it raised a lot of important questions. As we will all face the challenges of parents in decline at some time, it’s never too early to open a dialogue.

Approaching Women – Discover the Perfect Cure for Starting a Conversation With a Woman (Observe)

Starting conversations with women is easier than it seems. Never forget, they are people too. Learn my perfect cure for starting conversations with women. Never be at a loss for words again!

Dating Guide: Get Out of the Friend Zone Without Making a Fool Out of Yourself (3 Simple Strategies)

More awesome dating and attraction tips. Learn three quick strategies I have used to get out of the friend zone FAST without making a total fool out of yourself! If you do these wrong, you can cost yourself the girl.

The Friend Zone – The 3 Mistakes Men Make Trying to Date Their “Girl Friend” (But Not You Right?)

If you have to ask, “Hey Mike, what’s the Friend Zone?,” odds are, you’ve never experienced it! Awesome! You don’t need to read any further! However, if you are like the rest of us, you have most likely been MADLY in love with a special girl, only to have her break your heart when she uttered that spine-chilling, butterfly-in-the-stomach phrase, that made you want to throw up — “You’re such a great FRIEND!” Ouch! I’m here to help so that never happens again!

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