Are You Afraid of Approaching Women?


How to Court in Houston

A short summary of the things to see and do in Houston when looking for partners or courting. You’ll be surprised how many activities are couple-friendly.

Why Men Kiss Women Out of the Blue

It all seems to be going quite well; you’re making quite an impression on her as you’ve taken her out on a date and she seems to be taking a liking towards you. You’ve arrived at the local cinema, where you both get to watch a movie that has been long anticipated. You decide for yourself that this is your opportunity to seal the deal. You put your arm around her while she pays close attention to the movie, thus not minding your actions, then soon after, you decide to plant a wet one on your lips. Yet, the outcome is something that you didn’t expect. Instead of receiving a kiss in return, you receive a slap on the face and her words of not ever wanting to see you again, thus putting you in a highly negative light with her family and friends. What went wrong? This is something that can be quite frustrating for men.

Do You Still Have Feelings for Your Ex?

It’s truly tough to deal with break ups, particularly if you thought that everything was going so right in the first place. Yet, since all has been done, you’d need to move on from it all. There are a lot of people who often make the blunder of being way too assured in their abilities to address the loss of a partner.

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Will I Get a Second Date? Hold on, Does HE Deserve a Second Date?

You shouldn’t be wondering whether or not you’ll get a second date. This article teaches you how to critically assess your first date to determine if this man that you went out with even deserves a second date!

Single Women Over 50 – The 4 Unique Dating Connections to Men in Your Life As a Female Dating Boomer

You connect to men using your mind, your body and your heart. There are 4 Unique Connections built by you and a man using different combinations of mind, body and heart. With each Unique Connection, you will develop a different type of relationship with a man in your life. Now you’ll have a tool for recognizing the type of relationship you’ve had with men in the past and what kind you’d like to build in your future.

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