Why Even Successful Men Can’t Attract Women


3 Ways on How to Get Him to Ask For Your Number

Have you always felt left out whenever you go out with your girl friends because you go home each time without someone asking for your number while your friends manage to score a date with a hot guy at the bar? While being attractive will have men give you a glance it doesn’t mean that you can get him to ask for your number. It’s not that simple. Dressing up provocatively does not guarantee that you’ll score a date either. The second a guy sees you, he starts to pull out his checklist to establish whether or not you are the type of girl he wants to go out with. So, what do you need to do to make a guy interested in you and ask for your digits?

What Are the Effective Ways on How to Get a Man to Approach You?

Missing the chance to connect to someone you really like is aggravating. You knew all along you were doing it right, you put your best foot forward but it doesn’t seem enough on how to get a man to approach you. You spent hours picking out the perfect dress, you do your hair and makeup perfectly in an effort to make a guy notice you. You must realize that appearance is never enough to get a guy to come up to you. Being physically attractive is just one part of the whole play. Don’t worry because by doing a little tweaks on your strategies, you will be able to make a guy notice you and want to approach you. Keep in mind that being attractive will make a guy take a glance but being approachable is the road to take if you want someone to strike a conversation with you. So, how exactly are you going to do this?

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Does He Like Me More Than a Friend? (Signs That a Man Likes You)

If your male friend gives you these kinds of small happiness, then you don’t need to ask yourself, “Does he like me more than a friend?” Because, he obviously likes you more than a friend.

How to Get a Man to Like You (Be the Praise of the Poets)

If you want to get a man to like you, you have to do those works which can keep you in his memory. You cannot expect him to remember you by himself. Staying in his memory is the first step to get him to like you.

Great First Impressions

How was your last date? Did you make a good impression? There are ways that you can leave a lasting impression to make sure that they will remember you. Here are some examples.

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