You Must Find Your Purpose


Why You Should Never Try To Impress A Woman

Many guys use various techniques to try and impress girls, either overtly or covertly. In this article, you’ll understand why that’s a bad idea.

How To Quickly Destroy Approach Anxiety For Good

Walking over and talking to girls is a monumental accomplishment. In this article, you’re going to learn a mental trick that will make it a lot easier.

The Ideal Frame Of Mind For A Successful Pick Up

Whether you make it a point to go out looking for girls, or just happen to approach when you see a cutie, having the right frame of mind will help out considerably. What is that frame of mind?

Make Guys Addicted to You Through Nothing But Text Messages

Whether you are currently single, dating around, married or in a relationship, it is possible to make guys addicted to you with nothing but a well thought out text message delivered at the perfect time. In order to succeed when it comes to this, though, it would be vital for you to understand how the male mind works first. See, men are very visual creatures. This means that you have to learn how to paint images through text in order to make guys addicted to you like never before.

When The Cupid Strikes Once, Twice And Thrice

Can you fall in love, more than once? The question has been haunting a million minds, for years now. Your first love might not have been a successful affair.

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