Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?


Going After Women

Going after women can be a tough thing to do for a lot of men, and there are a lot of mistakes you could make along the way. This article will warn you about these mistakes before you start making them.

9 Inexpensive First Date Ideas

We live in tough times and unless you have a bank account with extra zeros in it then dating can begin to seem like an extra bill. These ideas will help you improve that first impression without breaking the bank.

Why Women Pick The Wrong Men – 3 Things You Must Know

Women can’t stand to be alone so when they go through a breakup or divorce, they’re ready to find someone to take the past loved one’s place. They’re hurting with a broken heart but they’re looking for ways to cover up the pain and will start dating a man hungering for companionship. When they pick the wrong men it spells disaster for them because they’re not over their first love and they get involved with someone they barely know. They’re weak from hurting and the wrong men will take advantage of them using them for a good time or worse empty their bank account.

How To Overcome Dating Failures

Dating failures are common for most singles looking for a relationship. Divorced women are the most vulnerable because their marriage didn’t work out and they’re left with a broken-heart. They want to forget the pain so they look for companionship in all the wrong places. They don’t give their heart enough time to mend and when they date someone that’s not their type, they’re let down and give up on dating altogether.

How To Put Romance Back Into Your Relationship

You’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’ve been on several dates. He is kind, respectful and treats you like you’re the most important person on earth. You’re in a strong relationship and the romance is blossoming more everyday. You’re both so much in love and he wants a commitment. You’re not quite ready yet although you know he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, so in time you agree making him the happiest man on earth.

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