Why Your Dating App Profile Sucks


Got Her Phone Number But Nervous About Making That First Call? Text Her!

Don’t be one of THOSE guys who approached a woman, got her phone number and did absolutely nothing with it. Use it or the next guy will. Nervousness is not an excuse because you can learn to text with confidence to break the ice.

Win Your Chance At Love With A Casino Vacation Stay

Are you looking to take your relationship to the next level while also having a lot of fun in the process? You might want to consider a casino vacation stay. There are casinos all over the country, Louisiana, Nevada, Mississippi, Indiana and many more and all of them offer everything you and your special someone could ever want. Before you book your trip, you might want to consider the following, which can make your trip extra exciting while bringing you two much closer together.

Openhearted Dating

It’s a cold, hard world, and that includes the dating world. Meeting a total stranger I contacted for the first time online makes me feel anxious.

How To Get A Girl’s Number

Are you ready to get back into the dating pool after getting out of a long-term relationship? Has it been a long time since you have had a date? Have you forgotten how to ask for a woman’s number and to walk away with it?

Red Flags in Relationships: Spot the Scumbags!

Are you tired of cheaters and liars? Are you a psychopath magnet? Do your relationships always blow up? Are your relationships fraught with drama? Learn how to make wise choices in the minefield of dating.

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