When’s the PERFECT time to kiss a girl?


The Ideal Model For Consistent Seduction And Easy Attraction Generation

Your model of the world is the most important thing to have in your seduction arsenal. Luckily, it’s easy to create and maintain.

Jealousy and How to Keep It Away

Are you the kind of woman who tends to get jealous in your romantic relationships? Are you worried that you will never be able to control your jealousy and that every relationship you have will suffer because of it? Are you struggling to find a way to curb your jealousy so that you can salvage the relationship you’re currently in?

How to Get His Attention and Keep It

Are you lusting after a guy who doesn’t even seem to know that you exist? Are you wondering how to get him to notice you, and more importantly, how to get him to like you? Are you curious as to why he hasn’t asked you out yet?

Why Men Dump ‘Nice’ Ladies (Part B)

A ‘crazy’ woman is not afraid to command respect or stand up for herself. She shows her partner that she should be respected. She’s not rude or insulting, but she will never compromise herself in a relationship. She’s ready to respect and honour a man but will never be his servant.

Mack Like A Farmer To Grow Unlimited Attraction From Gorgeous Girls

Discover the mind set of easy seduction. Plant seeds, and then harvest them.

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