5 Rules Of The 1% (Life Changing)


How I Stopped Worrying About Rejection and Learned to Approach Women

For most people, approaching a romantic interest is an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable experience. With three key lessons, you can eliminate this awkwardness and act with confidence.

Is He Interested In Dating Me?

How can you tell if he is interested in dating you? 4 signs that he is interested in you.

How To Get What You Want From A Man

Is it possible to get what you want from a man when you are in a long-term relationship? At the beginning of the relationship when the emotions are high the man will usually be quite happy to give you what you want but with time he seems to get more resistant to giving you what you want. How can you get what you want from a man?

Get a Life!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Get a Life’? You probably heard this directed to a person that was doing something really insignificant or foolish, and they were doing that ‘thing’ because they didn’t have something better or more fun to do. As you can imagine how unattractive this would be, because who would want to join that, something insignificant or foolish?

The Hardest Thing Theory

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make a decision, but you had two or more options and it was hard to choose. I have been in this situation many times. But when I realized this certain principle ‘The Hardest Thing Theory’ it helped me make decisions much easier and with more confidence, like we talk about in LeadHership.

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