Why Semen Retention Doesn’t Work


How to Cope With a Heart Break

To those people who have just had their heart broken, there are some things that they could do to help them handle it without being depressed. To know more about these things, here are some helpful tips that people could consider to help them deal with their heartbreak.

Tips to Prepare for Date Night

Ideas for busting that pre-date stress. Useful for any lady looking forward to an upcoming date night.

Some Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make In A Relationship

We’d all like love and support, friendship with a bit of passion thrown in. Research has been done on this, (natch!), and it’s been found that if we’re suffering some sort of pain; headache, toothache, you name it, looking a a photo of someone you love grants a noticeable easing of that pain.

What to Expect When Meeting New People in an Online Dating Service

Joining an online dating site allows you to create your own profile along with the posting of a suitable photograph. In recent times, a lot of people now use online dating sites to meet singles for dating and especially to meet like-minded people as their eventual partner in life.

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits is a difficult subject to cover. It has many unwritten rules that it is hard to fully grasp. Because of this, we are going to go over four things in this article: Does friends with benefits work, friends with benefit rules, benefits with an ex, and should you do it.

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