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How to Bring Back the Magic With Your Boyfriend

If you want to bring back the magic with your boyfriend, the first thing that you should do is figure out what your goals are for your relationship in the long run and what you want from your boyfriend, in general. Naturally, you will have to be real about it and make sure you don’t compromise anything about yourself in the process, though. If you start pretending like you’re something you’re not, then you will never be truly happy in the end, even if your boyfriend ends up fulfilling your wishes.

Women of China, Then and Now Part 1

I discovered a wealth of very interesting tidbits about Chinese women throughout the history of the People’s Republic, and I have chosen a few to discuss in this multi-part series. To kick it off is this entry about the “three obediences,” a phrase I have never encountered before now. “Chinese women viewed themselves in terms of the “three obediences”-servants to their fathers first, then their husbands and finally their sons.” (Source: factsanddetails)

For Women: Finding True Love at 40

Considering the numerous dating tips for the 40 plus, single women out there, it could actually get truly depressing to understand what you need to do to finding true love. In reality, the trick many people are hoping to find isn’t a mystery at all.

The Risks of Casual Sex Relationships for Women

Are you thinking about “benefiting” from a friend? There are some risks to consider!

How to Stop Being the Clingy Girlfriend
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Are you calling your guy every hour? Are you texting him every twenty minutes? Do you get upset when he can’t spend time with you every day? You’re being too clingy and you could ruin your relationship!

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