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Is Approach Anxiety Ruining Your Life?

Are you constantly finding yourself too nervous to start or hold a meaningful conversation with a woman? Do you break into a cold sweat even before you say anything to her? If so, you probably think you are suffering from approach anxiety. In real sense, I don’t think you have anxiety.

Being a Successful Professional Woman Is No Guarantee to Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

Women seem to be more emancipated than ever before. Many of them have well-paying jobs, highly-respected positions and credentials, and can support themselves financially. But does it say that women succeed these days in their relationships better than before? Does it mean they know how to “screen” their dates better than ever? Or do they feel better about being by themselves, rather than falling into relationships and men which are not good for them – just in order to escape being alone?

Should You Still Read The Game by Neil Strauss?

“The Game” by Neil Strauss started the pickup artist community outburst. Will the book still help you pick up women?

How To Deal With Criticism About Your Interracial Dating Decisions

Even though interracial dating is fairly common today some people still consider it a taboo. This article discusses ways for interracial daters to deal with criticism from others about their relationship.

How To Make A Woman Want You Sexually, Guys Read This

Some guys automatically know what to say to make a woman want to have sex with them. If you are not one of those guys this article is about the steps you can take to make a woman hot for you and want you sexually.

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