This Idea Will Change Your Dating Life


Tips to Be More Attractive Around Women

So once you begin to think about, you then ask yourself “Why exactly won’t she take notice and go for me? I have an awesome ride, I wear decent enough clothes but yet still I cannot seem to elicit any type of response from her”. Why is it that no matter how hard you may attempt to illicit any type of response from a woman who you may be attracted to, that nothing seems to happen.

Unveiling Male Behaviour: How Do Filipino Men Treat Filipina Women

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? Like queens, princess and well, the senoritas that they are.

My Date Had A Great Time And I Didn’t – How Do I Tell Him/Her?

Have you ever been out on a date with someone and it didn’t go so hot? What if you got a text later that night from your date telling you how much fun she/he had? How do you tell someone that you didn’t have as much on your date that they did? This isn’t going to be easy, but the truth is best if it comes out now instead of later.

7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Dating Life

If you are single again after a long period off the dating scene, you may find that your dating skills have become a bit tired and worn. These 7 dating tips give you some highly-effective, tried-and-tested strategies to, not only boost your confidence, but also ensure that you find your ideal partner with the minimum of time, effort and upset.

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How To Know If Your Date Has Romantic Feelings

You’re getting ready for your first date tonight with the guy of your dreams. You hope he’s everything you expected from what you saw on his profile. Most dates were duds, but this one seemed different. You are looking for a romantic relationship and his profile says he is too. Excitement is climbing and you can’t wait to meet him. Worry sets in wondering if he’ll like you or turn away because you think you’re not pretty or sexy enough, the way you walk, will you blow the conversation or will you both like the same hobbies.

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