The Reason Women Don’t Respect You


Exploring the Phobias of Dating Beautiful Women

When it comes to dating the opposite sex, men or boys are conditioned from their early teenage years that going out with beautiful girls, or “hot chicks,” so to speak, is the most that could be coveted in life. It is the ultimate goal of every young man who wants the best of what life has to offer.

That Chinese Lady Is Different (Part 1)

In my personal experiences vacationing and living overseas in China, I’ve met numerous young western guys who believe they could get any Chinese girl they want, just because they’re foreign. This is usually a popular mis-notion among western guys; numerous young guys believe that their skin color or the fact they speak English makes them a great asset in China. Well, like in the US, you can find easy girls and there are the true females who you’d like to date or maybe marry, but what is essential is you recognize that Chinese girls are not like western women.

Booby Traps Men Set For Women to Cancel Them Out on the First Date

Do men set up traps to cancel you out on a first or second date? Unfortunately many do. It may be the reason he never called after that first date. Here is one of the top five Booby Traps Men Set For Women…

How To Become a Ninja PUA And Roll With The Punches

This secret trick can easily take your game to the next level. And you can also use it any other place you’d like.

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Things to Text a Girl When You Wish to Score Over Others

Girls love to have fun especially when using their phones to send or receive text messages. While this is an important way to communicate with others without spending too much, it can also work to one’s disadvantage.

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