The Type Of Man They REALLY Want


What Women Want: Dating Skills for Men

It’s easy for women to get turned on with men who know what they are doing. And this is especially true when you’re still in the dating phase. So for men out there who want to charm the girl of their dreams, what are the dating skills for men that you should possess? For those who are yet to be initiated to the world of dating, here’s a list for you:

Inner Game Tips: How to Develop Confidence With Women

If you are looking to improve your inner game with women, follow these top 5 tips and you will build real, genuine self-confidence in ways that women will notice!   Inner Game Tip 1: Create an exercise regimen and eat healthy. One of the greatest things you can do for your inner game is to exercise regularly and eat healthy.

Make Your Girlfriend’s Behavior Ideal

There are millions of men who fight with their girlfriends all the time due to a certain habit that she won’t just shed. However the dissatisfaction is unwarranted as it is very easy to maintain a good relationship with your girl and still have her behave well.

The Power of Proximity and How It Affects Relationships

Relationships have always fascinated me. From ‘How to create them?’ to ‘Why they end?’ I have spent a lot of time on trying to learn the ins and outs. One thing that NEVER gets talked about is what I like to call ‘The power of proximity’. You never see it in the movies because it would destroy the whole “soul mate” illusion. I’m not trying to sound bitter nor do I have anything against love but proximity plays a HUGE importance in relationships ant it rarely if ever gets talked about and today I wish to discuss it.

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Eternal Capture – Attaching Her to You Always

You know, it is one thing to get the nerve to talk to a woman and capture her attention. It is a whole other matter altogether when it comes to keeping it. In fact, it is this part that gives men the most trouble. In spite of their best efforts, some men can’t get the woman they want to date them. If you caught her interest and want to keep it so she attaches herself to you for the long-term, then there are things you need to do and quickly. What are they? Keep reading to find out.

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