Stop Being Afraid of Rejection


Master Seductive Language Patterns To Generate Irresistible Attraction

How you speak plays a great deal in how effective you are. Nowhere is this more true than when talking to the girl of your desires.

The Most Tired of Tired Myths That Destroy Your Success With Attractive Women

Examination of 4 myths that are dangerous to a man’s outcome with attracting the women he wants. Article outlines four tired myths and gives ideas for how to attracting women actually works.

Relationship Advice – Do You Get Jealous When He Spends Time With Friends?

Of all the relationship issues you could have, jealousy can be one of the big ones. Typically, it’s actually a form of control where one partner is trying to control the actions and activities of the other partner. You have to ask yourself why you would be jealous of your partner spending time with his friends.

If You Make This Mistake With Your Facebook Page, You’ll Screw Up Any Chance Of Attracting Women

Everybody is on Facebook these days. Sure, you can keep up with high school friends, but did you know that you can legitimately trawl for potential dates as well? But, if you’re a man looking at using Facebook to get a girl, there is one huge mistake you can make on your Facebook page that will kill any chance of success. So what is it, I hear you ask?

Red Flags to Spot on a Date

Known as ‘red flags’, they are warning signs to watch for that indicate there is somethings wrong with the person you’re seeing. Here are some red flags to spot on your date to help you see if there is something potentially wrong with them.

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