The Truth About Female Nature EXPOSED


Dating: Why Do You Like Him? Ask The Bears

How do we humans pick our mates? The answer may surprise you. We’re closer to the wild kingdom than you might think.

The Bad Date Rescue Call – When Did We All Lose Our Manners?

The bad date rescue call seems to have become an accepted part of the dating scene – when did we all get to be so rude? Are we really unable to agree to spend a few hours in someone’s company without preparing a contingency plan for how to ditch them if they aren’t absolutely gorgeous or auditioning for a stand up comedy spot? Those of us ordinary mortals who nervously got ready, nervously made our way to the agreed venue and nervously got through those first 30 minutes surely don’t deserve such a dreadfully obvious ‘thumbs down’?

Simple Effective Etiquettes to Approach Girls

The thought of rejection is the worst foe of a man trying to approach a girl. Therefore, as you prepare yourself to approach a girl, be prepared to be spiked and rejected several times over. Hence it is very important for you to learn to deal with rejection before approaching a pretty girl. If you can do this, it will stand you in good stead when you have deal with rejection. Further, it will also add to the development of your overall personality as a mature and resilient human being. A great way to begin building your emotional security is adopting the belief that women need you more than you need them.

How To Get A Man To Ask You For Marriage Starting Right Now
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Do you want him to ask you the big question? The big question as in, marriage? Learn what I did to help a person get married!

How To Attract A Man Emotionally And Not Get Stopped By Haters

Do you want to attract a man emotionally so that he stays with you? But you’re worried about the haters getting in your way? Read this one. It’s for you.

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