How to Date a Hot Instagram Model


Fun Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale – 3 Places to Dazzle Your Date

Fort Lauderdale is a wealthy place in terms of the numerous attractions that never fail to magnet visitors. Many of these places have witnessed the formation and boom of relationships until they flourish into never-ending promises of love and trust. The rest of the article gives you some suggestions on the five top places in the city to dazzle and tickle the romantic side of your date.

Old Fashioned Dating Tips, Rule Number 1 Pick Her Up: Does It Still Apply Today?

Men had easy in the olden days. There were clear rules on dating. Today dating seems to have become a guessing game. So lets look at some of the old rules and find out if they still apply today. Should you offer to pick the woman up and drive?

Engage a Woman’s Mind Before Trying to Engage Her Body

It is so important to engage a woman’s mind before trying to engage her body. Why? Because for women the mind is probably their most important sex organ.

8 Tips Used to Get A Guy to Notice You

If you’re looking for love or if you just want some attention from a guy you like, getting him to notice you can be done with a few tricks. Here are some things you can do to get a guy to notice you.

Negative Body Language

This article explores how having negative body language can seriously impact your chances of getting close to women. I will explore the traits that have you labelled as a bully, an ogler or a ‘stalker’ by women, perhaps without you even knowing it.

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