5 Reasons Girls Ignored You In Highschool


How to Know If Your Date Is The Right One

Dating is the toughest part of being single because you go through the stress of meeting someone hoping he’s the right one, only to learn he’s a big disappointment. You go through one blind date after another knowing none of them are for you. You wonder why dating sites are so great when they have so many losers that make you sick. If you’re using online dating sites, chances are you’ll never find the right guy because most have fictitious profiles and don’t even use their real pictures. When you go to a reputable dating service, you meet the dating administrator face to face and they give you advice, help you with your profile, screen all their members and match you to the most compatible person you’re looking for.

Using A Marriage Ultimatum When He Does Not Want To Get Engaged

Millions of women are burdened with one of the most painful problems and dilemmas she’ll ever experience. “How do I get my man to not only love me, but WANT to get committed and have a future relationship together with me?” This is so painful because the man she is attracted to/in love with and she watches him pull away, but doesn’t know what to do. And it’s sheer agony, when she’s been with a man for years who will not commit to marriage. Get the man to pop the question WITHOUT using threats and dangerous ultimatums. Truth is every woman is deserving of a loving, fulfilling and supportive relationship. If you are convinced that he is the one, there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. Understand why men pull away and how to turn him around.

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Who Has The Most Difficult Life? Men or Women?

What sex has life a tad more difficult? Life is hard, but who is it harder on?

Relationship Advice – 11 Reasons Guys Don’t Want To Commit

Typically us guys are much more straightforward than women in how we think. In many ways we can be kind of predictable. Women tend to be much more complicated in their thought process and reasoning. One area that many girls I’ve been friends with have asked or complained about is why guys don’t like to commit. While these reasons can be different for every guy, there are several main themes that can help shed some light on the subject. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t change people. But understanding what’s going on can help you make a better decision on what to do next.

7 Awesome Summer Date Ideas

Summertime is prime time for enjoying the great outdoors. Why not make a date of it? Here are 7 great ways you and your guy can enjoy all that summer has to offer…

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