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Do Men Start Avoiding You After the First Date

You meet someone you like, have a few conversations over the phone, go out on a date to never see him again. You don’t know why this happens to you every time but one of the most common reasons for this can be low self-esteem.

5 New Dating Rules You Need To Know Right Now

In this new and ever changing time the world of relationships and dating can seem a daunting thing. If you have been out of the dating scene for while make sure you know the rules of dating to give yourself the best chance of finding that special person.

4 Tips for Playing The Dating Game

Many women get upset when I refer to dating as a game, I guess they take the process very seriously. It’s no joking matter to them! But neither is basketball, football or any other game to the athletes involved. Similiar to sports, the dating game too has winners and losers.

Exploring the Sexual Time Frame of a Dating Relationship

The ultimate focal point and the coveted goal of a dating relationship is the point where sex can take place without regrets or remorse for the idealistic encounter. Inevitably, when you take part in the dating world, you will come to the question of just how soon you should let things progress to a more intimate level. This is, of course, just a mild and polite way of saying you will need to determine when the time is right to engage in sex.

How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar – The Basics
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A quick overview of how you can set yourself up to get with a hottie. The method is very simple.

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