The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Hear


Dating At Work

Dating at work can lead to tragedy if the two people leap into the relationship without doing some simple planning. By the time you finish reading this article you’ll know what and what not to do should you be faced with the possibility of a workplace romance. You’ll probably have plenty of similar interests. After all, you work for the same company and probably at similar jobs and it can be a lot of fun working with your partner as long as you do that early preparation I was talking about. Life can then become easier for the two of you and you might be able to travel together, and you might be able to assist each other at the job.

Over 50 Dating – 3 Excuses for Not Dating the Right Man for You!

Often as single women over 50, we date men for all the wrong reasons and end up miserable. Here’s 3 Dating Tips for recognizing the excuses you might be making to keep a not so great man in your life and what you can do to turn it around.

Signs He Is Dating Someone Else

Are you worried that he is dating someone else? Some clues that he may be dating someone else besides you.

Step 1: Know Yourself – The Gateway To a Successful Relationship!

If you are a grown up women who is wondering why you haven’t been able to attract Mr. Right # 2, the guy who is just the right match for you, after years of dating, this article could be for you. One of the reasons that you haven’t attracted Mr. Right # 2 yet could very well be because you lack clarity about your relationship goals.

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How To Flirt With Women

Flirting with women is easy, it’s flirting effectively that’s an art. Flirting is simply a matter of creating attraction and breaking through the barrier we all have to guard us against creepy strangers. It’s a playful way to build attraction, and more importantly, sexual tension. Guys who know how to flirt with women can effectively move through the initial meeting stages quickly escalate.

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