Why the Modern Man is WEAK


Every Guy’s Two Greatest Fears

You can find a handful of problems that your man will likely hardly ever own up to. He’s possibly not going to say any of this, but I will. Just some matters first. This is not an all-inclusive checklist. Additionally, do not use this material to belittle him. Begin using it as your manual to genuinely discover what’s really going on inside his head.

Does He Only Want Sex?

One of the hardest things to do when dating is find out if a man is only after sex. We’ve all heard several theories on how to do this: wait 100 dates before you hop into bed, make him work for it, get a commitment first… the list goes on and on.

Five Excuses That Keeps You From Getting The Girls You Want

Every time you want to approach a girl you are getting anxious and you don’t like this feeling so your mind starts to find excuses for not approaching. Here are the top 5 excuses most men use to trick themselves into not approaching.

How to Attract a Girl With the ‘Nice Guy’ Approach

There are a lot of pickup artists out there who will try to teach you how to attract a girl, but although their advice may be useful, most of their advice will ask you to act with external self-references that don’t always work. To make life easier for you, here are the most important things that you need to do if you want to to attract a girl and actually succeed.

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Too Scared To Approach Her

Approaching a girl can be one of the scariest things for a man to do. There is a very good reason for this, it’s to be found in the belief system of the man.

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