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Just Got That Girl’s Number? Don’t Screw It Up, Here Are Some Tips for Texting Women

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re texting a girl we like and all of a sudden she’s taking forever to respond to your texts. Then, she just stops all together. Now you’re going through all your texts trying to figure out what you did wrong, but it’s too late. Texting is an important part of courting a woman, so you need to read on to make sure you never screw this up with the wrong woman, or rather, “the” woman.

Date Coaches – What They Are and Why You Need One

We have all heard of love coaches but what are date coaches? Date coaches are people who help others prepare for and find a date. They take care of everything that a person will need in order to attract the right person.

Communication Tips For Clueless Men – Beat the Competition and Attract Any Girl You Desire

Millionaires, leaders, chick-magnets, what do they have in common? They are great communicators. They know how to send messages in an effective way. They know how to read people, and how to influence them effortlessly.

How To Impress A Girl With Your Job Even If You Don’t Have One

So you like her, and she likes you. Then she drops the bombshell question. What do you do?

Using Hypnosis to Your Advantage – How to Hypnotize Women Without Words (Let Them Come to You)

You don’t need to learn complicated word patterns to hypnotize the girl of your dreams. Most guys believe that words work like magic spells, but they don’t. Just like with pickup lines unless you are able to engage your subject in the interaction you will fail miserably.

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