Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men (According to Science)


Get the Attention of Gorgeous Women – Secrets Men Should Know

Life can be really boring and lonely without a special someone but to some people finding that special someone is not easy. Attracting women is so easy for some men while for others, it is something that they find themselves failing over and over again. Some men have that natural charisma to attract women effortlessly but others have to work hard for it. Do you want to get the attention of gorgeous women and put an end to your series of failures with women? Keep reading to know how to attract women like magnets.

How To Stay Confident While Talking With Any Girl

Remember the last time you weren’t quite sure about yourself during an interaction? Doesn’t matter if it was during a date or at a club.

How To Date An Asian Lesbian

I believe all lesbians, being that we’re all women, want and need the same thing. Lesbians all over the world experience the same prejudice, oppression and discrimination. We all go through the same phase of self-discovery, acceptance and challenges as we present ourselves in the society. It is never easy for any gay individual to live the lifestyle because there will always be someone opposing to it. Fortunately in the west, they have stronger laws that protect homosexuals from harassment and discrimination. Where as in Asia, well… let’s just say we are not as fortunate as our sisters and brothers from the west. Aside from our culture and tradition that favors men; we are also governed by religion.

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Romantic Love: What’s It All About?

Romantic Love: Historians tell us that romantic love has only been around as a concept for 800 years or so. So is it real? And does it have a place in authentic relationships?

What Do You Want From A Relationship

What do you want in a relationship? Go ahead make that list. Notice something? It’s way easier to to say what you don’t want. In the very wise words of Bertha, ‘Bertha Size Your Life’, by Jane Carroll, “Your way of expressing what you want by saying what you don’t want is very common. Most people spend very little time focusing on what they truly want.”

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